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Toward precision genome editing in crop plants

  作者:Jingying Li, Huiyuan Li, Jilin Chen, Lei Yan, Lanqin Xia


  刊物名称:Molecular Plant

  出版年份: April 2020


  Precision genome editing through homology-directed repair (HDR) in plants remains very challenging due to the innately lower occurrence of HDR and the obstacles in delivery of sufficient donor repair template (DRT) into plant cells. For single base substitution, cytidine or adenine base editors have been used successfully in crop plants in recent years. However, base editing is constrained by the distance between the targeted base and PAM motif, and unable to install predefined transversion mutations or insertions and deletions (indels). Here, we briefly summarized the so far reported strategies for precision genome editing in plants. Based on the recently developed prime editing strategy which enables gene replacement without double-strand breaks (DSBs) or DRT in both human cells and plants, we further propose the future perspectives of exploiting diverse strategies to achieve precise targeted gene/allele replacement to accelerate crop improvement and resilience for sustainable agricultural development.