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Disciplinary Areas

Disciplinary Areas

Research Directions

Crop Germplasm Resources

-Crop Germplasm Resources Collection and Introduction

-Crop Germplasm Resources Preservation and Sharing

-Crop Germplasm Identification and Discovery

-Innovation and Utilization of Crop Germplasm Resources

Crop Genetics and Breeding

-Wheat Parental Creation and New Variety Development

-Wheat Breeding Techniques and Methodology

-Maize Genetics and Germplasm Improvement

-Development and Utilization of Molecular Breeding Technologies in Maize

-Soybean Breeding Technology Innovation and New Varieties Breeding

-New Material Enhancement and variety Breeding in Coarse Grains

-Genetic Breeding of Japonica Rice

Crop Molecular Biology

-Crop Gene Discovery and Utilization

-Crop Functional Genomics Research

-Crop Molecular Marker Techniques and Their Applications

-Crop Transgenic Technologies and Applications

-Rice Improvement by Molecular Design

-Post-genomics Research and Application

Crop Bioinformatics

-Crop Bioinformatics and Applications

Crop Cultivation and Physiology

-Crop Cultivation and Physiology

-Crop Cultivation and Ecology

-Crop Production Informatics

Cereal Quality and Safety

-Cereal Quality and Risk Assessment