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Syngenta CEO Visits ICS


  On June 26, Dr. Liu Chunming, Director General of the Institute of Crop Sciences (ICS), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), met with Erk Fyrwald, CEO of Syngenta AG and his delegation. Both sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in the breeding of new crop varieties and the development of new technologies, and reached a consensus on advancing cooperation.


  Dr. Liu Chunming introduced the basic information of the ICS to the guests. He said that Syngenta, a world-renowned multinational enterprise affiliated with ChemChina, enjoys a high reputation in pesticides, seeds, agricultural biotechnology and other fields. In recent years, the ICS has made great progress in crop germplasm resources, gene exploration, and the R&D of variety breeding and cultivation technology, which has provided the basis and condition for cooperation between the two sides. At a new stage of development, both parties should strengthen cooperation through complementary advantages, and accelerate the breeding of new crop varieties as well as the development, popularization and application of new technologies, thus providing solid support and guarantee for practicing the rural revitalization strategy and promoting the green agricultural development.

  Fyrwald noted that Syngenta, as a component of ChemChina, will focus more on Chinese agriculture in the future. It will partner with the ICS to make full use of the scientific and technological strength and excellent talents of both parties, and jointly develop new crop varieties and technologies, so as to make more contributions to the development of Chinese agriculture.


  Fyrwald's delegation also paid a visit to the National Crop Gene Bank of China and the technology showroom of the ICS. Other Leaders and related experts of the ICS were also present at the meeting.