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SDSN Delegation Visits ICS


A nine-member delegation of the Sustainable Development and Solution Network (SDSN) visited the Institute of Crop Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS-ICS) on May 14, 2014, including Dr. Jeffery Sachs, SDSN Director General, Dr. Achim Dobermann, Chief Executive Officer of Rothamsted Experimental Station, Prof. Shuijin Hu from North Carolina State University, and Prof. Joanna Rubinstein from Columbia University. Founded by the United Nations on August 9, 2012 and based on UN agencies, multilateral financial institutions and international organizations, SDSN is designed to the thematic group of global experts studying solutions for global sustainable development. It provides technical support for the United Nations Development Agenda (2015-2030) and UN Development Strategy Towards 2050, to cope with the increasingly apparent global challenges in population growth, food security, resource shortages, climate change, and environmental pollution.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems was held during the visit between SDSN experts and Key Laboratory of Crop Physiology and Ecology of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). A group of leaders and experts attended the meeting, including Mr. Mei Xurong, Director General of ICS Department of Science and Technology, Mr. Gong Xifeng, Deputy Director General of ICS Department of International Cooperation, Mrs. Liu Yaping, Division Director of MOA Department of Crop Production, Mr. Zhang Fusuo, CAU Professor, and Mr. Zhang Bin, Research Fellow of the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Agricultural Zoning, and Mr. Zhao Ming, ICS Research Fellow. Chaired by ICS Deputy Director Dr. Wang Shumin, the meeting shared ideas on international sustainable agriculture and food systems, summarized and analyzed the development and trends ofChina's agriculture and food production, explored the strategic direction and technical route forChina's sustainable agriculture and food systems, and discussed matters on the CAAS-SDSN cooperation. The visit and the roundtable open up new ideas onChina's grain production and lay a solid foundation for further cooperation between CAAS and international organizations.