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ICS Delegation Attended the 6th China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Crop Sciences


A six-member delegation of the Institute of Crop Sciences of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (ICS-CAAS) attended the 6th China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Crop Sciences during October 23-24, 2013 in Suwon, Korea.

The event was organized by the National Institute of Crop Science of the Rural Development Administration of Korea. Under the theme of crop breeding techniques for main food, more than 70 people from Japan, South Korea, and China attended the event. A total of 15 experts delivered academic presentations and exchanges on germplasm resources of rice, wheat, soybeans and maize, molecular marker positioning, conventional breeding, and molecular breeding, including Han Longzhi, Fu Binying, Li Wenxue, Yang Jianping, and Sun Junming from ICS. Experts and scientists from various countries have informed the research progress of each other in the field of crop science, deepened mutual understanding and friendship. In a warm atmosphere, the conference is a fruitful success.

Participants also visited the rice test base of the Korean Institute of Crop Science, rice characterization and molecular biology laboratory, rice greenhouse and Agriculture Science Museum.


They also reached a consensus on the next symposiums. The next symposium is tentatively scheduled for autumn next year in Hokkaido of Japan, under the theme of "Genetic Resources, Breeding and Transgenic Technologies", covering rice, wheat, beans, and barley. The event will be held every two years and in 2016, the hosting organization will be ICS.