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The National Wheat Improvement Center


The National Wheat Improvement Center (NWIC) established in 1999, was designed to provide technical supports for sustainable development of China’s wheat breeding programs and seed industry through scientific innovation and services.

In order to meet the demand for the development of national wheat industry and breeding, the center focuses on parental germplasmcreation and breeding methodology study. It also develops cultivars with high yielding potential, improved processing quality, and broad adaptation. It strengthens the connection and communication with 12 branch centers and has become the center for technical innovation, training, international exchange and information sharing in wheat breeding.

The NWIC hasestablished six labs, includingmolecular marker lab, cytogenetics lab, tissue culture lab, plant physiology lab, quality testing lab, and information network lab. It also has five experiment stations in Changping and Shunyi of Beijing, Gaoyi of Hebei Province, and Anyang and Xinxiang of Henan Province, with a total of more than 30 testing sites across six provinces.

Main research themes:

Phenotypic evaluation and molecular marker development and application for important traits;

Development of cultivars with highyielding potential,improved processing quality and broad adaptation, as well as parental creation;

Promotion of international cooperation and introduction of germplasm from other countries;

Coordination of 12 Branch Center of National Wheat Improvement Center and facilitation ofinternational and national wheat conference.