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National Soybean Improvement Sub-Center (Beijing)


National Soybean Improvement Sub-Center (Beijing) is based on Huang-Huai-Hai region and serves for the major soybean producing areas of China. It aims to develop new soybean varieties with high yield, good quality, multiple resistances and wide adaptability and to create new breeding materials. It also focuses on developing new breeding techniques and methods in order to provide new soybean varieties and supporting cultivation techniques for soybean production in Huang-Huai-Hai region and in the whole country of China.

Ever since2006, the sub-center has released 42 new soybean varietiess and the accumulated planting area has been more than 5.33 million hectares. Among them, “Zhonghuang 13” has been ranked the first in annual planting area of individual varieties for over 8 years and was awarded the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2012. “Zhonghuang 30” has become one of the dominant soybean varieties in the northwest region. “Zhonghuang 35” has refreshed the national soybean record yield. The Sub-center has collected more than 30,000 accessions of soybean germplasm, which ranks the first around the world. The core soybean germplasms developed by the sub-center are widely used in gene discovery and germplasm innovation research. Currently, the Sub-center has become an important base for soybean genetic study,  breeding and germplasm research in the country and has produced certain global impacts.