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The National Genebank of China


The National Crop Genebank of China (NCGC) is the long-term preservation center of crop germplasm resources and the research center of germplasm preservation technologies in China. It was built in 1986. The total construction area is 3,200 square meters and the storage capacity is about 400,000 accessions. The storage temperature is -18°C, and the relative humidity is kept under 50%.

Currently, NCGC holds more than 392,000 seed accessions of base collections covering 180 crops and their wild relatives. All collections have their backup storage in the duplication genebank in Qinghai Province. More than 300 accessions covering 35 vegetatively propagated crops have been kept in vitro storage, and over 100 accessions covering 13 crops have been cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen (vapor or liquid phase) by using shoot tips, dormant buds/twigs, and pollen.


  • To coordinate activities concerned with crop germplasm collection, evaluation, conservation, distribution and documentation at national level. NCGC provides safe long-term storage, ensuring maximal longevity and genetic diversity of crop germplasm.

  • To develop the methods and technologies for viability, vigor, genetic integrity and potential longevity evaluating for crop germplasm preserved in low-temperature genebank, in vitro storage, cryo-bank. To develop and improve the efficiency of technologies to preserve the species and accessions not currently in long-term storage, especially cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen for vegetatively propagated germplasm in diverse forms.

  • To share the information and crop germplam preserved at NCGC and to develop guidelines and create public awareness on crop germplasm.