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Xinxiang Experimental Station


Xinxiang Experimental Station is located in Plots I and VI in the Xinxiang Comprehensive Trial Base of CAAS and covers an area of 668 mu.

Location: Xinxiang County is located in thenorth-central Henan Province, 113°42'-114°04'E and 35°05'-35° 24'N.

Natural climatic conditions: At an elevation of 70-80 m, Xinxiang County is high-lying south-west, north-east low, with a slope between 1/2000-1/5000. The landscape is covered mainly by Taihang alluvial plains and ancient alluvial plains of the Yellow River. Under the temperate continental monsoon climate, seasons here are well-marked, such as dry and sandy spring, hot and rainy summer, windy and sunny autumn, and cold winter with little snow. The multi-year mean temperature registers 14.3 oC and the mean temperature difference is 16.5 o. The place has 2407 sunshine hours and 191 frost-free days per year on average. The multi-year average surface evaporation registers 1652.8 mm and annual average precipitation 560.6mm. Precipitation is unevenly distributed and often happens in June to September, which account for about 75% of the total.

Facilities: In the No.1 Plot, there are 8 electric wells with 85 outlets, as well as 4 east-west cement roads (1400m in total) and a 650m-long north-south one . It is 4m wide, and surrounded by fences of 2100 meters. In the No.6 Plot, there are 3 electric wells with 73 outlets and fences of 1250 meters.

Mechanization: Tractors and tillage equipment, sowing and fertilizing machinery, self-propelled dry-land sprayers, and seed threshing and cleaning equipment are in place, guaranteeing the success of scientific research and experiments.

Space: There are 15 dormitories, 2 canteens, and 600 m2 of shelf sheds and 3000 m2 of drying sheds.

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