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Shunyi Experimental Station


In December 2008, ICS signed a cooperation agreement on the experimental station with ZhaoquanyingTown of Shunyi District. Currently, the station covers a cultivated land of 1679.68 mu for 22-year lease and a construction land of 43.58 mu for 50-year lease. It is expected to become a modern scientific experiment station in 3-5 years, though still under design and construction.

Location: Located in SanyuanVillage, ZhaoquanyingTown, Shunyi District, Beijing, the station is 45 km away from the urban area of Beijing, 12.7 km from Shunyi District, and 3.4 km from ZhaoquanyingTown.

Natural climatic conditions: At an elevation of 48.5 m, the station is located in the alluvial plain of ChaobaiRiver, and enjoys humid, temperate continental climate. The temperature ranges from 40.5oC to -19oC, and averages 11.5-13.9 oC. This place has an annual precipitation of 600-650 mm and 180-200 frost-free days. The land in the station is classified to loamy fluvo-aquic soil with a PH value of 7.2-8.3. The fertility is in the upper middle above average.

Facilities: There are 13 wells with 100-180m depth for irrigation. Equipped with submersible pumps with a capacity of 80 m3/h, and 10 submersible pumps with a capacity of 50 m3/h. The capacitance of electric power amounts to 500 KVA. Facilities for pipe irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are in place, supporting 100% effective irrigation.

Mechanization: Agricultural machinery and tools meet the requirements of field trials. In specific, the station is equipped with up to 61 agricultural machineries, including seeders, and graders, and basically realized sowing and harvesting mechanization. 

House: With a total area of 370 m2, the space is able to meet the needs of staffs only. Researchers need to rent apartments in nearby villages.

Land use: It serves for 28 research teams which include 14 wheat ones, 10 maize ones, 6 soybean ones, and 2 millet sorghum ones, covering 392.6, 594, 281.7, and 53 mu respectively.