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Regulations for International Students


Regulations for International Students

Article 1 The Institute receives International students to study for doctorate degree, master degree and short-term training.

Article 2 The Institute will formulate the enrollment plan of International students for next year in June every year. Supervisors will recruit students according to their research needs. For those haven’t submitted their enrollment plans, the Institute will not arrange enrollment.

Article 3 Students who have received Chinese Government Scholarship and other full scholarships are exempt from the tuition fee. The Graduate School will distribute unified living allowance. In principle, supervisors do not need to pay for the research grants. Half-prize and self-funded students, for example Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship and International Students Scholarship of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science and others, are exempt from the tuition fee. The students should pay for board and lodging fees by themselves. Supervisors could distribute research grants referring to the Institute’s standards for Chinese graduate students.

Article 4 Newly admitted International students should register on time at the Graduate School with the admission letter. After arriving at the Institute, students should register at the scientific research office within the first two weeks of the semester. Students who fail to register in time and do not have proper reasons are considered giving up the admission opportunity.

Article 5 International students are guided and instructed by supervisors. The selected supervisors will not be changed after enrollment. International students should complete public courses and specialized courses. Supervisors should instruct students on selecting courses according to their actual conditions. Supervisors could also open optional courses independently. The course content should be put on record at the research management office of the Institute.

Article 6 International students should complete training plan, research proposal, mid-term report, academic activities, and dissertation defense and others courses on time. Related requirements should refer to the regulations for domestic students. International students should publish at least one academic paper relevant to their research before graduation thesis defense.

Article 7 International students should report their progress to supervisors every month. Students should take original experiment records as required and accept regular spot checks by supervisors, the graduate school and the Institute. International students should strictly follow research ethics and scientific confidentiality requirements, and shall not disclose research information to third parties or take away research materials without permission.

Article 8 International students are not allowed extension of study in principle. But for reasons of research progress, students or supervisors could apply for extension to the research management office.

Article 9 When studying at the Institute, International students should observe Chinese laws and regulations and abide by rules of the Institute and projects. If have to leave Beijing orChina, students should ask for leave to supervisors in advance and report to the Institute for record. After returning to the Institute, students should report back after leave of absence in time. In principle, the Institute will not arrange going abroad activities for International students. If really necessary, trips will not exceed one month.

Article 10 If one of the following situations occurs, the Institute can ask students to withdrawal from school:

1. Violating the Chinese laws and regulations or the rules of the Institute;

2. Failing to complete study within the prescribed period;

3. Failing to pass the research proposal or mid-term report;

4. Absent from the lab for two weeks without asking for leave and not having proper reasons;

5. Failing to register at the required time and not having proper reasons;

6. Absent from the lab for two weeks after the expiry of leave;

7. Failing to return after completing going abroad activities without proper reasons;

8. Not able to continue study because of health or other personal reasons.