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Bin Liu


Bin Liu
Head of the Research Group of Soybean Photobiology
Center for Crop Genomics & Molecular Design
Institute of Crop Sciences
No.12 Zhongguancun South Street
Beijing, 100081, China


  • 2003-2008 He obtained a Ph.D degree in the Institute of Genetics and Developmental biology (IGDB), Chinese academy of Sciences (CAS)
  • 2008-2010 post-doctoral research at UCLA

Working Experience

  • 2010-now he worked at the crop science institute of the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences

Research Interests

  • Light regulation of crop growth and development

Academic Qualifications

  • 2008, the Special Award of President of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2014, the Golden Dragon Fish Outstanding Youth Award of the CAAS
  • 2015, the Second Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award
  • 2015, the Youth Science and Technology Award of Crop Society

Selected Publications (*corresponding authors)

Zhang, C., Li, C., Liu, J., Lv, Y., Yu, C., Li, H., Zhao, T., and Liu, B * (2017). The OsABF1 transcription factor improves drought tolerance by activating the transcription of COR413-TM1 in rice. J Exp Bot 68, 4695-4707.
Zhang SR., Wang H., Wang Z, Ren Y, Niu L, Liu J, and Liu B * (2017). Photoperiodism dynamics during the domestication and improvement of soybean. Sci China Life Sci.
Zhang CY, Liu J, Zhao T, Gomez A, Li C, Yu CS, Li HY, Lin JZ, Yang YZ, Liu B*, Lin CT.(2016). A drought-inducible bZIP Transcription Factor OsABF1 Delays Reproductive Timing in Rice. Plant Physiology 171:334-343
Zhao T, Liu J, Li HY, Lin JZ, Bian MD, Zhang CY, Zhang YX, Peng YC, Liu B*, and Lin CT. (2015). Using hybrid transcription factors to study gene function in rice. Sci China Life Sci 58: 1160-1162
Yang D, Zhao W, Meng Y, Li H, and Liu B *. (2015). A CIB1-LIKE transcription factor GmCIL10 from soybean positively regulates plant flowering. Sci China Life Sci 58, 261-269.
Zhang Z, Ji R, Li H, Zhao T, Liu J, Lin C, and Liu B *. (2014). CONSTANS-LIKE 7 (COL7) is Involved in Phytochrome B (phyB) Mediated Light-Quality Regulation of Auxin Homeostasis. Mol Plant. 7: 1429–1440

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