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ICS Organized Annunal Field Inspection on Wheat


The Institute of Crop Science (ICS), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS) made a field visit on wheat recently. A delegation of more than 40 scientists, including Liu Chunming, Director General, Sun Haoqin, the Party Secretary, Fan Jing, Deputy Director, leaders of research departments and chiefs of innovative research teams made on-site visits to field stations in Shunyi and Changping and test points in Tianjin, Langfang, Baoding and Fangshan, focusing on wheat germplasm innovation, cultivation of new strains and new varieties, and high-yield efficient cultivation techniques.


In Shunyi station, the delegation observed new varieties and brains, represented by new wheat cultivars newly approved in 2016, such as Hangmai 247 and Zhongmai 1062. Produced using space mutation breeding and conventional breeding techniques, Hangmai 247 is the first state-approved new wheat cultivar adapted to the northern winter wheat areas and the outstanding feature is high yield and lodging resistance. Zhongmai 1062 is a high-quality, medium-gluten winter wheat cultivar, produced using marker-assisted selection and conventional breeding techniques. The inspection also covered a number of high-quality new wheat materials, characterized by clear genetic background, disease and stress resistance, and high yield, which are created and screened through hybrid and backcross of core germplasm and wildly applied varieties. The field test on high-yield green efficient wheat cultivation techniques including "three-dimensional uniform sowing with appropriate density, micro-sprinkler and fertilizer integration, and cropping density and nitrogen interaction" presents significant results.


In Changping station, the inspection was focused on the district test of northern winter wheat varieties of irrigated land group that ICS has undertaken, joint wheat district test under Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, Beijing wheat district test, and multi-point comparison test of northern winter wheat varieties.

The inspection to district test of new wheat varieties (brains) was deepened in test points, including Wuqing County in Tianjin, Gu'an County in Langfang City, Baoding Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Doudian in Fangshan District. A number of new varieties and brains have shown large potential for production and application.


The inspection found that the field tests of innovative research teams have advanced smoothly and achieved the desired results. The practice facilitates exchanges between the research teams and promotes tangible results of scientific and technological innovation projects.