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WAN Jianmin Was elected the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering


Recently, Prof. Wan Jianmin was elected the Academician of Chinese Academy of Egnineering (CAE) in 2015. Prof. Wan got his PhD degree in Genetics and Breeding at Kyoto University. His fundamental research is on rice functional genomics and molecular breeding, including mapping, discovery and cloning of agronomical important genes/QTLs involved rice grain quality, hybrid sterility, yield, rice blight and abiotic stress. Current research is also focusing on the establishment of high-efficient rice Agrobacteium-mediated transformation system. The research will provide some theoretical basis and new technologies for the development of rice genetic engineering and obtain new rice varieties by pyramiding the important genes. He has made significant contributions to understanding of molecular mechanisms regulating plant architecture, meiosis, photoperiodic flowering, nitrogen utilization and hybrid sterility. So far he has published over 150 papers in international journals, including the world-leading journals Nature, Nature Biotech., Nature Commun., Developmental Cell, Plant Cell, PNAS, and has patents issued for 28 inventions. In addition, by using molecular markers and the pyramiding technology he has developed various genetic materials and 10 other new rice varieties.

Curently, he is the Vice President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and also the Director General of Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

It is known, 70 Academician of CAE was elected among the 521 candidates in 2015. It was also the first academician election since its reform.