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ICS scientists created a new record of soybean unit yield in the main production area


On Oct. 10th 2015, an on-site harvesting demonstration of no-tillage with straw-mulching technique for dense-resistance soybean cultivars in the high-yielding field was held in Xinxiang experimental station, Henan province. The previous crop was wheat. The expert panel examined the new soybean breeding line “ZhongZuo XA 12938”which was planted using the no-tillage with straw-mulching technique. They selected two fields with uniform growth and harvested by harvester. The acreage of the first field is 1.82 Mu, while the second is 1.30 Mu. The yields in unit area (Mu), with 13.5% moisture content, are 331.21 Kg and 336.28 Kg respectively. This is the highest record of per unit yield for soybean in the Chinese main production area (including northeast, Yellow-Huai-Hai and South regions).  

ZhongZuo XA 12938 has good plant architecture, and is resistant to dense-planting and lodging. The yield of this line was 311.20kg and 281.95kg respectively in 2013 and 2014 in Xinxiang experimental station. The cultivation technique of no-tillage with straw-mulching effectively resolved the issues of wheat straw disposal, soybean seedling standing and soil fertility. The expert panel says that dense-resistance soybean cultivars is a good example for combination of good cultivar and cultivation technique. In addition, it also merges agricultural machinery and agronomy, synchronizes low cost with high efficiency, high production and good ecology. They suggested accelerating the promotion and application of high-yielding cultivar and no-tillage with straw-mulching technique, and facilitating the development of soybean production in the Yellow-Huai-Hai River Valley.  




In recent years, soybean breeding technology and new varieties breeding innovation team devotes themselves to developing new cultivars, exploring matched techniques and super high yield production approaches in different regions. In 2012, the high-yielding cultivar Zhonghuang 35 with the technique of synchronizing water and fertilization with drop irrigation created the national soybean yield record of 421.37 Kg/ Mu in Shawan county, Tacheng, Xinjiang Province. In the same year, intercropped with cumin, the yield of Zhonghuang 30 was 289.8 Kg/Mu in Suzhou, Jiuquan, Gansu Province, which created the highest yield record of soybean intercropping nationwide.