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International Conference: Breeding to optimize agriculture in a changing world


The OPTICHINA International Conference
Breeding to Optimize Agriculture in a Changing World

May 26th - 29th, 2014, Beijing, China
Organizers: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), University of Barcelona, and the OPTICHINA Project
Local Organizer: Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural  Sciences (CAAS) 
Contacts for Further Information:  The OPTICHINA website:www.optichinagriculture.com
  For technical issues, contact:
     Dr. Jiankang Wang (CAAS/CIMMYT, China),wangjiankang@caas.cnorjkwang@cgiar.org
     Dr. Jose Luis Araus (University of Barcelona, Spain),jaraus@ub.edu
     Dr. Jordi Bort (University of Barcelona, Spain),jordi.bort@ub.edu
  For logistics, contact:
     Ms. Yahong Qian (CAAS, China),qianyahong@caas.cn
     Dr. Serret Molins (University of Barcelona, Spain), (dserret@ub.edu)
Online Registration:
Please complete the online registration by 25 March 2014. Registration in which your
presentation to be included, oral or poster, go tohttp://www.optichinagriculture.com/onlineregistration-
for-oral-presentation-or-poster/. To come as public and attend all lectures register
here go tohttp://www.optichinagriculture.com/online-registration-for-audience-assistant/.