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Chief: Guoying Wang


Guoying Wang
Head of the Research Team of Research Group of Maize Molecular Genetics
Center for Crop Genomics & Molecular Design
Institute of Crop Sciences
No.12 Zhongguancun South Street
Beijing, 100081, China


  • 1989-1991: Postgraduate student for Ph.D degree, Notingham University, Notingham, U.K.
  • 1987-1991: Postgraduate student for Ph.D degree, Northwestern Agricultural University, Shaanxi, China.
  • 1985-1987: Teaching asistant in Fruit Breeding, Northwestern Agricultural University, Shaanxi, China.
  • 1982-1985: Postgraduate student for master degree, Northwestern Agricultural University, Shaanxi, China.
  • 1978-1982: Bachelor of Science, Agronomy, Shanxi Agricultural University, Shanxi, China.

Working Experience

  • 2006-present: Professor and Principal investigator, Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China.
  • 1999-2006: Professor in molecular genetics, Chairman of Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China.
  • 1993-1998: Associate professor in molecular genetics, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China.
  • 1991-1993: Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Research Interests

  • Maize transformation
  • Genome-wide association study and genomic selection
  • Gene cloning

Academic Qualifications

Selected Publications (*corresponding authors)

Tao Li, Yumin Zhang, Dong Wang, Ying Liu, Lynnette M.A. Dirk, Jack A. Goodmand, Bruce Downie, Jianmin Wang, Guoying Wang, Tianyong Zhao, 2017. Regulation of seed vigor by manipulation of raffinose family oligosaccharides (RFOs) in maize and Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant, 10(12):1540-1555
Jiankun Li, Junjie Fu, Yan Chen, Kaijian Fan, Cheng He, Zhiqiang Zhang, Li Li, Yunjun Liu, Jun Zheng, Dongtao Ren, Guoying Wang*, 2017. The U6 biogenesis like 1 plays an important role in maize 1 kernel and seedling development by affecting the 3’end processing of U6 snRNA. Molecular Plant. 10(3):470-482
Sanzhen Liu, Jun Zheng, Pierre Migeon, Jie Ren, Ying Hu, Cheng He, Hongjun Liu, Junjie Fu, Frank F. White, Christopher Toomajian, Guoying Wang*,2017. Unbiased K-mer Analysis Reveals Changes in Copy Number of Highly Repetitive Sequences During Maize Domestication and Improvement. Scientific Report, 7: 42444
Yunjun Liu, Gaoyi Cao, Rongrong Chen, Shengxue Zhang, Yuan Ren, Wei Lu, Jianhua Wang, Guoying Wang*, 2015. Transgenic tobacco simultaneously overexpressing glyphosate N-acetyltransferase and 5-enolpyruvyl shikimate 3-phosphate synthase are more resistant to glyphosate than those containing one gene. Transgenic Research, 24(4):753-753
Baohua Tian, Jianhua Wang, Guoying Wang*, 2014. Confirmation of a major QTL on chromosome 10 for maize kernel row number in different environments. Plant Breeding, 133:184-188

Members of Research Group