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Crop Germplasm Collection and Introduction

Crop Germplasm Resources Preservation and Sharing

Identification and Exploration of Crop Germplasm Resources

Crop Germplasm Enhancement and Utilization

Wheat Breeding Techniques and Methods

Maize Genetic Improvement and Germplasm Creation

Maize Molecular Breeding

Soybean Breeding Technology Innovation and New Variety Development

Crop Gene Discovery and Utilization

Crop Functional Genomics

Molecular Marker Technology and Application of Crop

Rice Molecular Designing Technology and Its Application

Crop Bioinformatics and Application

Crop Cultivation and Physiology

Genomic Selection for Crop Improvement

Germplasm Innovation and Breeding of Setaria and Other Minor Cereals

Agroecology and Farming System

Cereal Quality and Safety Risk Assessment

Minor Grain Nutrition and Function

Wheat Parental Creation and New Variety Development

Transgenic Technology and Application in Crops