Diaphysis:Xie Ruizhi-Institute of Crop Science of CAAS


NameXie Ruizhi

                                                              Phone: 010-82105791


                                                              Research group:Precision Cultivation and Management  

Education and Employment History:

2002- up to now:Associate Research, Institute of Crop Sciences , Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

2002-1999:Shandong Agriculture University, PhD

1999-1996:Henan Agriculture University,MS

1996-1994:Assistant researcher, Zhengzhou Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences

1990-1994:Henan Agriculture University,BS

1984-1987:Cotton Breeding and Cultivation,Shihezi Cotton in Xinjiang

1980-1984:Shihezi University,BS

Major Contributions 

1Physiological and ecological mechanism of maize yield formation and high efficient utilization of resources.

2High yield and high efficiency cultivation techniques.

3Popularization of modern corn production technology

Prizes and Awards

2015: A series of books-“Maize Field Planting Handbook” and wall charts -"Planting Techniques of Maize "Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progressthe second contributor

2011: The Research on Maize Production Technique of High Yield and High Efficiency in China, Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progressthe fifth contributor

2010: Construction and Application of Crop Production Information Platform

Second Prize of National award for harvest in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, the second contributor

2010: Maize Production Technique of High Yield and High Efficiency in the Southwest of China, second prize of the Sichuan Province Science and Technology Progress Prize, the fifth contributor

Scientific Interests:

1. Adaptabilities of Maize to Variation of Climatic

2. The key technology of high yield and high efficiency coordinated green production

3. Integrated demonstration and popularization of modern corn production technology

Research Grants

1. Response mechanism of maize production system to climate change and its adaptive cultivation approach(2017YFD0300300)(2017.7-2020.12),project leader

Selected Publications:

  1. LI S K, XIE R Z, et al., 2015, Maize scale production series4 volumes[M],China Agriculture Press.
  2. LI S K, XIE R Z,et al., 2012, Maize Field Planting Handbook6 volumes in Chinese [M], China Agriculture Press.
  3. LI S K, XIE R Z, LAI J C and LIU Y E. The Cultivation Technology of Degeneration-resistant and Disaster Reduction in MaizeZea mays L.[M]. Golden Shield Press,2011
  4. Lichao Zhai, Ruizhi Xie, Shaokun Li, Zhengbin Zhang2017Effects of Nitrogen and Plant Density on Competition between Two Maize Hybrids Released in Different Eras. Agronomy Journal109(6):2670-2679 (contributed equally first author)
  5. Zhai Li-chao, XIE Rui-zhi1, LI Shao-kun, FAN Pan-pan (2017)Relationship between population competitive intensity and yield in maize cultivars. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 16(6):1312-1321 (contributed equally first author)
  6. L. Zhai, R. Xie, D. Ma, G. Liu, P. Wang, S. Li.2016 Impact of recent breeding history on the competitiveness of Chinesemaize hybrids. Field Crops Research,19175-82 (contributed equally first author)
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  8. J. Li, R. Z. Xie, K. R. Wang, B. Ming, Y. Q. Guo, G. Q. Zhang, and S. K. Li. Variations in Maize Dry Matter, Harvest Index, and Grain Yield with Plant Density. Agronomy Journal1072015:829-834 (contributed equally first author)
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