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Chun-ming LIU



PhD. in Molecular Genetics (1996), John Innes Centre/UEA, Norwich, United Kingdom

MSc. in Plant Cell Biology (1987), Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

BSc. in Biology (1984), Shandong Normal University, China.

Working experience                    

2016.5 – now, Director General, Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricutlrual Sciences, Beijing

Director (2010 – 2016.5), CAS-Key Laboratory for Plant Molecular Physiology, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

l  Director (2005-2010), Center for Signal Transduction & Metabolomics, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

Group Leader/Senior Scientist (2001.1-2005.12), Plant Research International, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

l  Section Leader/Senior Scientist (1999.2-2000.12), Center for Plant Breeding and Reproduction (CPRO-DLO), Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Postdoctoral Research Associate (1996.2-1999.2), Department of Botany, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, USA

l  Visiting Scientist (1990.3-1992.12), Laboratory of Plant Genetic Engineering, Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Other academic responsibilities:

l  Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology

l  Associate Editor, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter

l  General Coordinator, Committee of Plant Organogenesis, Chinese Society of Cell Biology

Selected publications (*corresponding authors):  


1.    Wu XB#, Liu JX#, Li DQ, Liu CM* (2016) Rice caryopsis development II: Dynamic changes in the endosperm. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 58: 786-798 (#Co-first author) 

2.    Wu XB, Liu JX, Li DQ, Liu CM* (2016) Rice caryopsis development I: Dynamic changes in different cell layers. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 58: 772-785  

3.    Guo L*, Jiang L*, Zhang Y, Lu XL, Xie Q, Weijers D, Liu CM* 2016. The anaphase promoting complex initiates zygote division in Arabidopsis through degradation of cyclin B1. Plant Journal, 86: 161-174 (*Co-first author)  

4.    Guo L, Liu CM* 2015. A single-nucleotide exon found in Arabidopsis. Scientific Reports, 5: 18087